Sudden Silence – Original Oil Painting

This vivid lakeview oil painting is part of my Vivid Tranquility Collection. Though inspired by a place of incredible peace and silence, the painting turned out very colourful and energetic. The bright yellow spaces contrast the dark greens, while pinkish and lilac flowers mingle here and there. It’s a real statement piece, reflecting the depths and liveliness of nature. It’s name “Sudden Silence” refers to  the silence that suddenly hit us, when we walked through the forest next to the lake. No noise, just being.


“Sudden Silence” is part of my Vivid Tranquility Collection. As nature and sustainability are highly important to me, I’m trying to incorporate an eco-friendly approach to my art practice as much as possible. If you want to find out more about this collection, read this piece: vivid tranquility collection.

Size: 30 x 40 cm

Materials: Winsor & Newton Artisan oil paint on stretched linen canvas. Titled, dated and signed on the back as well as signed on the front. Framed with a plain basswood frame.

Colour Representation: Photograping paintings isn’t easy, but I’ve tried my best to create images that represent the colours best. If you would like to have a look at the painting before you purchase it, please send me an email. We can arrange an virtual or in real life meeting, so I can show you the painting.

Shipping: Insured shipping costs for original paintings vary due to sizes and country. Right now I calculate with 15€ for smaller paintings and 30€ for medium sized paintings. If shipping costs less than the calculated amount, I will refund you or send you a discount code for your next purchase. Also, please note that I only ship within Europe, if you’re from somewhere else send me an email! Addionally, please allow up to two to four weeks for shipping. I want to make sure your painting is carefully and safely packed to be shipped to your door, but it takes a while.

Payment Plans: Upon request. Contact me via email.



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