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Wandering in the forest - Breathing the sea - Admiring details.

My artworks show my love of nature and the landscapes surrounding me. I find inspiration on walks with the dog or my horse, hiking trips and while traveling.

The hills and fields I grew up with contain my favourite places. I know them throughout all seasons and they mean home to me. However, I also love the sea. It’s roughness, deep colour and storms. It’s peacefulness and glitter. Feeling the wind in your hair and salt on your face. So both, the depth of our forests, as well as the vastness of the sea find their way on paper or canvas in my artworks.

But, you might ask, you also paint flowers? That’s true, indeed! I grew up with a huge garden and about ten years ago I recieved my first camera. Back then, my favourite models where flowers. Then, one day, I stopped, because it felt not adult to take thousands of pictures of flowers. When I started to paint again, I rediscovered this love – though I have always loved to plant flowers everywhere – and now honour the child inside me when painting them.

Flowers are joyful and show an incredible amount of details if you come really close. Some flowers, especially in forests, are tiny and easy to miss. Others demonstrate their beauty while mingling with more flowers near by. Therefore, often you need to change the perspective to take it all in.

I paint to explore

Nature is fragile and strong, vulnerable and brave. It’s beautiful, powerful and can make you feel belonging. It makes you dream, forget and lose yourself, if you allow it. This is what I want to explore in my paintings.

Introducing the "Vivid Tranquility" Collection

Vividness and tranquility meet, when the colours of nature join calming moments of ease and serenity, when liveliness haves you take a deep breath. Over the past few months I was exploring oil painting as a new medium and while facing the creative process throughout the winter, I found a lot of happiness in painting colourful, though calm scenes of nature that I came across in past holidays.

The four paintings of “Vivid Tranquility” show two forest views and two seascape views, as I love both and can never decide which one is my favourite. Therefore, it’s a collection also dedicated to all those other forestlovers and oceandreamers, us who hike, feet in deep sand, eyes on green leaves. Feel free to share with me, which place you prefer: the forest or the sea?

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Buy a commission

Throughout the year I have some space and time left for commissioned paintings. That means: You send me an inquiry with first information about the painting you want and I contact you about available times, how much it costs and how long it might take. Please note that I only paint after photographies. As mediums I currently use watercolour, soft pastels or pencil. The three sizes I offer are miniature paintings (85×55 mm), A5 (210×148 mm) and A4 (210×297 mm).

About me - the artist

Hey, I’m Mareike, living close to Hameln in Lower Saxony, Germany. I’m not the traditional kind of artist, not even creative, you might expect. I painted as a child, when I had to – school etc. – and was fairly good. But when I finished school, I didn’t touch any colours or pencils for years. Until one day I changed my mind, I can’t even remember why and now I’m all in. I love painting. It gives me peace, joyfulness and contentment, while I can revisit memories and special places. Find beauty in the nature around me.

If you want to know more about me, please read my About page and if you still have questions, don’t hesitate to send me a message.

seascape oil painting
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