Black Hellebore – Original Oil Painting

A friend of the family asked me last year if I could paint a hellebore. Back then, I didn’t even knew how they looked, but instantly fell in love. Black Hellebore is elegant and classy, shining bright on a deep blue background. She’s more winter than spring, but she takes us on a journey where nature transitions into the season of blossom. This painting was also the first one I imagined when I was mapping out the collection, but the last to finish, as I wanted her to be perfect.


“Black Hellebore – Endless Elegance” is part of my Spring Flowers Collection. As nature and sustainability are highly important to me, I’m trying to incorporate an eco-friendly approach to my art practice as much as possible. If you want to find out more about this collection, read this piece: Spring Flower Collection.

Important: Oil paintings take long to dry and they aren’t ready yet, so they will only be prepared for shipping by the end of July.

Size: 15 x 15 cm

Materials: Winsor & Newton Artisan oil paint, Sennelier Acrylic Gesso, Natural Earth Paint Varnish, wood panel. Titled, dated and signed on the back as well as signed on the front.

Colour Representation: Photograping paintings isn’t easy, but I’ve tried my best to create images that represent the colours best. If you would like to have a look at the painting before you purchase it, please send me an email. We can arrange an virtual or in real life meeting, so I can show you the painting.

Shipping: Insured shipping costs for original paintings vary due to sizes and country. Right now I calculate with 15€ for smaller paintings and 30€ for medium sized paintings. If shipping costs less than the calculated amount, I will refund you or send you a discount code for your next purchase. Also, please note that I only ship within Europe, if you’re from somewhere else send me an email! Addionally, please allow up to two to four weeks for shipping. I want to make sure your painting is carefully and safely packed to be shipped to your door, but it takes a while.

Payment Plans: Upon request. Contact me via email.

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