Hey fellow entrepreneur!

I'm Mareike Heil, the founder of Mareike Heil Studio and your new small business assistant - support - consultant - pal - however you want to name it. I've been a professional writer for a while now, making first steps in the artworld as well. However, I want you to feel good in your business and rooted in your marketing as well. Therefore, I'm offering a few selected services around sustainable and slow marketing beyond "hyping-things-up". Just looking for some general support? Scroll down as well!

Let's work on your small business!

I'm all in for sustainable, slow marketing. Interested?



You want to build a newsletter that feels like a safe and slow space for your community? Were you can connect with your customers without FOMO, but with honesty? Or have you been pushing away this whole topic for a long while because it seems so complex? Well, let's figure it out together and find your perfect solution. I'm experienced in working with brevo and substack, but I'm also open to working with your prefered platform.


Content Creation & Support

I just adore pinterest! If you haven't considered it yet in your marketing mix, but would like to try it now as well as if your struggling: I'm here for you! Pinterest feels big and challenging in the beginning, but once it clicks, it's a great tool. Remeber though: it's a slow platform and it may take months until first results show up. My services range from supporting you on your way to creating and scheduling pins for you. Want to chat about your options? Just send an inquiry!



As an entrepreneur and small business owner I know how challenging it is to "do" branding. Especially alone. Branding is your colours and fonts, but it's also your visions and missions, and how they work together. Sounds a bit cheesy and woowoo, but it's giving your business-soul a visual appearance and asthetic, and a voice. Together, we nail it all down and see what fits your brand and business and come up with the most beautiful, unique branding.

You just need a business-pal to cheer you on, brainstorm or proofread here and there?

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I hear you!

I know from personal experience how lonely the small business ownership can be, but also how great a supportive business-pal is.

Sometimes, we just need someone who reads our copy, double-checks our free resources or brainstorms ideas with us.

General Support

with ...

blog posts, newsletter texts, website copy, essays, free resources (guides, booklets, templates, you name it), displaying and writing for your art collections on your website, as well as brainstorming ideas for new projects, your marketing, courses etc.

This is for you if ...

... you're a small business owner, especially working in the fields of creativity OR health care (like natural medicine, herbalists, nutritionists, animal therapist etc.), as I have the most experiences within these areas.

... you're looking for ethical, hustle-free marketing that doesn't need FOMO to influence your customers, while it supports your business and yourself sustainably.

... you enjoy an open, honest, eye-level communcation and work collaboration that roots in encouragement.

... you're looking for 1:1 support, craving a personalised approach.

Let's take a look at the facts!

excl. CSS
excl. CSS
Gutenberg Editor
Backend / Code
Google Analytics & Search Console
Social Media
Know a bit, but don't enjoy it.
Brevo Email Marketing - CRM
Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator - currently learning

The Booking Process.

You contact me and fill out the application form, so I can see what I can do for you. It helps me to get a sense of your business and needs.

We connect via email or schedule a call to discuss your inquiry and options.

I create an offer, you agree and we dive into your project.


I want to make this easy and transparent – for me and for you -, so all services cost 80€ per hour, while the inquiry call and communication emails are free.

Already in? Push the button and follow along!

You need further information? Scroll on.

Projects & Testimonials

My own creative studio – THIS space. A blend of my art and writings to be found on this website, my newsletter the Studio Journal, pinterest and substack. I created 90% of it all alone.

Branding – Website (through jimdo) – Photography – Design of printables like flyers and business cards.

Blog Design – Implementation and double-opt-in automation of a newsletter – Proof-reading.

A blog project about equine and equestrian health I have led for several years together with a friend (all deleted, so you can’t have a look). Content Writing – Editing – Photography – Webdesign – Social Media Marketing – Interviews – eBooks – Prints – Newsletter.

coming soon

webdesign for equine therapist

Maria Bausch

Equine Therapist

coming soon

freelancing for nutritionist

Viola Meyer-Heil

Nutritionist & Herbalist

"Working together and building this blog from just an idea to a running website with an online shop was a great experience, where we both learned a lot, had lots of fun but also managed many struggles and hurdles on the way" - I don't mind saying this myself.

Maria Bausch & Mareike Heil

Founders of pferdeSummen

Contact me by filling out the onboarding questionaire.

Working together means that we'll have fun, avoid hustle culture and the calls to urgency and build an encouraging work environment, where your small business can flourish sustainably.

Not sure yet? Why not ...

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